Oh how I wished I had taken more pictures of all the gardening projects we have undertaken!

Here’s a few examples to illustrate just how involved a job can be.


Screening the Neighbours

Nikki & Andy were over looked by the neighbours.

They get on fine but just wanted a little more privacy but how to solve it?  A 15’ hedge or Fence would have looked like the Berlin Wall so I used a planting solution instead.  These 3 small Rowan Trees are ideal.  These will fill out and form a low density screen for their garden. Rowan are small trees perfect for blotting out eyesores (and neighbours windows) or adding height and structure to an other wise low vists garden.  They grow red or yellow berries but their advantage is they naturally grow into a small tree – you don’t fall into the common pitfall of that wonderful term ‘well it was only small when I planted it’ phrase I hear so often when clients plant beasts like Eycalyptus, Certain species of Silver Birch, Lelandii and the like in small gardens!

State of the garden getting you down?

The trick here is to see beyond the disaster area in front of you and visualise the perfection that is within it.  Resist the urge to employ someone to hack it with a chain saw!  Think of it as an Onion – perfection lurks in the centre – all you need to do is peel back the outer layers to reveal it!

Angela’s Lawn…oh Dear

Easy solution here.  We firstly nuked the nettles and weeds with Glyco phosphate to kill the critters without contaminating the soil.  Then weed, rotavate, level and roller and re seed to get a lawn to be proud of……this spring when it germinates


Depressed by your neglected garden – so was Shirley!

Mini Makeovers and Planting

Shirley - Bath

Shirley purchased a new build home and inheritated the usual new build garden. A square of earth riddled with weeds. Shirley’s brief: to create a low maintenance garden with areas to sit and relax.


Create a garden full of interest utilising paved areas to keep maintenance to a minimum. Incorporate a paving circle in complimentary style to add vibrancy and interest. Raised stone beds would enable Shirley to indulge her passion for plants but avoid painful bending. The rose arch leads the eye through the garden and a small area of lawn to relax on.

Roger from Clevedon

Roger was nearing retirement but wanted his garden and patio rejuvenated but on a limited budget. We re laid the patio utilising his existing slabs and replacing steps with more user friendly gradients. The worn out lawn was stripped and new turf laid for the finishing touches.


Photos coming soon…

Tree Surgery

Mary in Bath

This was a huge ash tree for Mary in Bath that was blotting out the light and needed to be dismantled bit by bit!

Apple & Fruit Tree Pruning

I prune Fruit Trees too.
This is an Apple, post pruning and is a good example of how a fruit tree should look post-surgery.  I managed to get it in good overall shape.  Crossing branches have been removed and the centre is open to allow light to get in. Don’t forget – Apples and pears – prune Autumn and Winter.  Cherry and Plum are different, however.  Always prune when actively growing so May onwards – never in Winter!  Why?  Fruit trees with a stone in the fruit are susceptible to an airborne fungus called Silver Leaf which will kill it.  Leave open wounds when the tree is dormant, the fungus gets hold and the tree in its winter dormancy is unable to fight the infection.

Hedge Reduction
This brute didn’t start out as a hedge.  Its John had a small garden with a Leylandi – 7m wide and just under 3 stories tall.  It was simply huge and completely blocked out any light. We had to dismantle it section by section to avoid demolishing the fences and pedestrians underneath turning it into a more manageable hedge which still afforded some privacy from the neighbours.