Fed up with the worn out lawn?

Returfing gardening services covering Bath, Nailsea, Portishead, Clevedon and Long Ashton

Fed up of your worn out lawn? Its usually the largest area in the garden and therefore the finish will make or undermine everything else you create in your garden.

I take a lot of time in the preparation before I will re turf your garden to ensure the perfect finish. Plus, we will only use a high quality heard wearing turf. All you need to do is take care of it.

Once laid, your lawn will look immaculate! Here’s a few tips to keep it that way.

After it’s been laid:

  • Water every day thoroughly for at least a week in the evening during summer
  • Don’t step on the new turf till it’s rooted
  • After 2 weeks, try gently lifting a hidden corner of the turf to see if the roots have bonded with the soil. Only then can you walk and reduce the frequency or stop watering altogether.
  • The first mow – even if the grass is long, resist the urge to mow it at your normal level. The first cut should be on a high level to take the tips off the grass then if possible, for the first month, mow weekly reducing the blade height with each cut. This will encourage the new grass to thicken into a dense green lawn.

Lawn treatments are incredible

Employ a lawn treatment company to treat your lawn. Its not in the least expensive and does make a huge difference! Several clients use these services and it makes an incredible difference creating luxuriant green weed free lawns. Really worth it. Just google lawn treatment