Construct or repair fencing

Fences, gates, borders, trellis and repairs - all styles fitted within Bath and the surrounding area including Timsbury, High Littleton, Marksbury, Camerton, Saltford and all the bits in between!

We can incorporate a wide range of fencing styles into the design of your garden. Standard panels and the stronger ‘Feather Edge’ are most popular styles of fence but you may like to consider decorative panels or trellis/Hazel Hurdles for a more rustic looking fence (very handy to hide sheds and other eye sores with too!). I can source fencing, from panel fence to post and rail, garden gates and trellis fencing. As I cover the Bath and the surrounding area including Timsbury, High Littleton, Marksbury, Camerton, Saltford, we have a wide range of good quality fence suppliers to choose from, to ensure you get the best fence or gate for your garden.  Fountain Timber at www.fountaintimber.co.uk & Bendrey Bros www.bendreybros.co.uk have excellent product ranges to choose from.

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Jill's Fence Coombe Down Bath

Jill's Coombe Down

Jill has a fantastic house built on the edge of a disused quarry – with a 30′ drop – not ideal for the grandkids!

We constructed a simple post and rail fence along the edge to keep the kids in using round posts and rails for a fab visual effect as the sun goes down.

No Escape for Ralph in Bath!

Ralph being a terrier with a taste for escape!  A simple Picket Fence does the trick and visually more interesting then standard fence panels.

Feather Edge - superbly strong in Clevedon's high winds

After several panel fences had blown down at a exposed site in Clevedon we erected a feather edge style.  Strong & built to last.

Natural Look Fence for Anna Long Ashton

Who said fences needed to be dull?  This Hurdle fence for Anna in Long Ashton fits in perfectly with the look of her old farmhouse.