Landscaping Portfolio

Depressed by your neglected garden – so was Mike!

Shirley - Bath

Shirley purchased a new build home and inheritated the usual new build garden. A square of earth riddled with weeds. Shirley’s brief: to create a low maintenance garden with areas to sit and relax.


Create a garden full of interest utilising paved areas to keep maintenance to a minimum. Incorporate a paving circle in complimentary style to add vibrancy and interest. Raised stone beds would enable Shirley to indulge her passion for plants but avoid painful bending. The rose arch leads the eye through the garden and a small area of lawn to relax on.

Roger from Clevedon

Roger was nearing retirement but wanted his garden and patio rejuvenated but on a limited budget. We re laid the patio utilising his existing slabs and replacing steps with more user friendly gradients. The worn out lawn was stripped and new turf laid for the finishing touches.