Garden Features

Sometimes all it takes is a focal point

Sometimes all that’s needed is a focal point to transform your garden. I can advise on a wide range of techniques and features to enhance your garden. My favourite however are patio circle kits. In a sunny spot with a table and chairs for two, it makes a stunningly simple focal point!

A hideaway Arbour

Simple and effective. Potted shrubs either side and a fragrant climber will add a finishing touch.


This example is raised with a surrounding patio base for those that find water relaxing.


Excellent as a frontage to your garden gate. In the rear garden. planted with shrubs, an archway will act as a focal point drawing the eye through the garden. See ourĀ case study buildsĀ for to see how this works, even in a small garden.

Circle Paving

Just add a Circle Paving Kit, a bench and hey presto! A fantastic seating focal point to enjoy the evening sun after a hard day at the office!


Formal pathways or simple stepping stones. A practical necessity can be turned into a feature by utilising differing materials and styles.


This example has a trellis background, astride a path with clambering roses to add scented interest & colour.