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Its funny, but the first thing everybody says as soon as we meet is to apologise about the state of their garden. Don’t worry – I’ve always seen worse! I’m a quick, knowledgeable gardener and will quickly rescue your garden.

Although gardening accounts for 80% of my business, I’m also able to offer the full range of landscaping services from patio construction and fixing fences, to re turfing your lawn. So whatever help you need, I can do it!

We are based in the Nailsea/Clevedon/Long Ashton/Portishead but also cover Bristol, Bath and all the bits in between so I’m always near.

So, whether it’s a jungle that needs controlling, fences in need of a fix, a small border that needs weeding or a patio that needs building, just pick up the phone for an informal chat.

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About me!

Life is full of twists and turns. Sometimes hard but always interesting. I started Garden Tidy over 14 years ago and have been manically busy ever since! In my previous life I was a Marketing Manager in the Travel Industry so a bit of a career change but what’s always interesting in life how skills can be transferred to completely different tasks. In marketing, I had a strong sense of design, colour, organisational skills and ability to prioritise… skills which are surprisingly useful in my gardening life today!

In my 14 years there isn’t much which I haven’t seen or encountered before. Everyone always apologies for the state of their garden when I first arrive but don’t. We are all working all the hours God sends to pay the mortgage so who has the time to sort the garden out these days. That’s where I can help.

If you don’t know the difference between plants and weeds, are not sure when to prune plum trees or simply look at the garden and think where on earth do I start then just leave it to me. I can sort the lot – large projects or small. I can help you to avoid the common gardening pit falls (like the desire to create huge areas of borders in your garden which need to be constantly weeded when you cant cope with what you have already), and help devising simple gardening and repair solutions to enable you to maintain your garden without killing yourself in the process.

I can cope with everything from a hedge that needs cutting, a garden that looks like a total war zone or fully re-landscaping your garden. Quite handy really as I’m a bit of a one stop shop. Whatever you need doing, I can do it to a high standard. Very handy chappie.




Lawn first.  Level out the worst of the lumps with a cultivator
John and his team are very friendly, courteous, and industrious. They get loads done in a day and no request is too much for them. They go the extra mile to make sure your garden looks great. John's knowledge of plants and landscaping is really useful. They communicate promptly, arrive on time and do a great job.
Sarah Prendergast
Great job all around, Happy with the service, we would highly recommend. the fence is exceptional quality and will last for years to come.
Duncan Campbell
All done – now it just needs to grow!
After being let down previously, I contacted Gardentidy in desperation & they have restored my faith by putting the customer first. They did a first class job giving me sound advice & helping me select the most suitable fence. Their reliability & workmanship was excellent & I would highly recommend them
Claire Cross